Greenport, Long Island: A Socially Distanced Diva [Text by the composer](2020)  5′ Winner of Sparks & Wiry Cries 2021 songSLAM Competition

Soprano and Piano

(April Martin, soprano)

Fein’s “Lullaby to a Baby Fairy” from his cycle Summer of Love (see below) was included in NewMusicShelf’s Anthology of New Music for Soprano, Vol. 1

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Kosmos [John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman]  (2018) 15′ Commissioned by Victoria Browers [Eng]

High soprano & piano

Musings: The Temple of Dendur [Evan Fein] (2016) 4′  Commissioned by Five Boroughs Music Festival for the Five Boroughs Songbook, Vol. II  [Eng] 

Soprano, violoncello, & piano (Baritone version available)

Three Icelandic Folksongs Arrangements [Sofðu unga ástin mín, Móðir mín í kví kví, Krummavísur] (2016) 7′  [Ice]

Voice & piano (high and low keys available)

Hjartasláttur (Heartbeat) [Ragnar Jónasson] (2016) 5′  [Ice]

High voice (sop/ten) & piano

He Walks in Beauty [George Gordon, Lord Byron] (2013) 4.5′  [Eng]

Baritone & piano (tenor transposition available)

Summer of Love [Joyce Kilmer] (2011) 15′  [Eng]

Soprano & piano

Of Places North [Heinrich Heine, Wilhelm Heinesen] (2010/2016) 10′  [Ger/Dan]

High voice (sop/ten) & flute or violin

Ný íslensk þjóðlög (New Icelandic Folksongs) [Thorvaldur David Kristjansson](2009) 30′  Op. 9  [Ice]

Baritone & piano (tenor transposition available)

Love’s Transit [John Donne, Sir Walter Raleigh, George Herbert] (2008) 12′ Commissioned by the CCM Grandin Festival  [Eng]

Tenor, Horn, String Quartet

Half-light Songs [Donna Edsall] (2007) 17′  Op. 5  [Eng]

Mezzo-soprano & piano

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