Áfram Ísland um öld og aldir [Hannes Þórður Þorvaldsson]  (2018)  4′  Composed for Karlakórinn Esja  [Ice]

TTBB a cappella  [SATB version available]

The Ribs and Terror in the Whale: De Profundis  [Herman Melville/Latin Vulgate/Mass Ordinary]  (2016)  4′  [Eng/Lat]

SATB a cappella


De Profundis  [Latin Vulgate]  (2013)  4′  [Lat]

TTBB a cappella


She Walks in Beauty [George Gordon, Lord Byron]  (2013) 4.5′  [Eng]

SATB a cappella


The Shepherds Sing [George Herbert: Christmas] (2011) 5′  [Eng]

SAB, piano


Dona Nobis Pacem (2009) 4′  Comissioned by Vox Feminae (Reykjavík)  [Lat]

SSAA a cappella


Nuits de Juin [Victor Hugo]  (2008) 3′  [Fr]

SATB a cappella

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