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Fein wins 2021 virtual songSLAM competition!

Fein’s new art song “Greenport, Long Island: A Socially Distant Diva,” performed with soprano April Martin, won First Place in the 2021 virtual songSLAM competition, sponsored by Sparks & Wiry Cries. The team won $1,000 in prize money and Fein will have the opportunity to explore a mentorship with composer Tom Cipullo. Their winning entry can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INlH_gPD0ZM&feature=youtu.be

Fein spotlights Corigliano and Adamo’s work for Santa Fe Opera Guild

The music of John Corigliano, whose opera, The Lord of Cries, is scheduled to receive its world premiere at the Santa Fe Opera in 2021, is profiled in a Santa Fe Opera Guild webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 29. “The Red Violin to The Lord of Cries: John Corigliano’s Music” is presented by composer and educator Evan Fein, whose doctoral dissertation was the first comprehensive analysis of Corigliano’s celebrated 1991 opera The Ghosts of Versailles.


Fein among winners of Juventas New Music Ensemble’s 2020 Call for Scores

Juventas is proud to present the winners of our 2020 Call for Scores!

Tamila Ahodova -Without You
Michael Markowski- Unfamiliar Territory
Daniel Cueto- Kimsa Harawicha
Chun-Hay Shing- Moon Over West River
Evan Fein- Untranslatable


These composers were selected from a large pool of over 200 submissions from around the world and we are excited to share their emerging voices with you! Juventas has the pleasure of performing works in our 2020-2021 season.

“Inner Hearing” published by Theodore Presser.

Fein’s new sight singing method book, Inner Hearing was released in August, 2020 by Theodore Presser Company.


Created for his own teaching needs at The Juilliard School, Evan Fein’s unique method presents a series of sequential building blocks to train aural skills through brief exercises, followed by original practice melodies.

  • INNER HEARING is based on the ease of learning repeated patterns.
  • Intervals are introduced in an intuitive order designed to smooth the challenges of advancing content.
  • Over 400 melodic exercises are presented in treble and bass clef, in major and minor keys.
  • Rhythmic and harmonic challenges also progress in gradual increments.
  • INNER HEARING is equally ideal for traditional classrooms, online learning, or self-directed study.

Operawire: Opera de Poche to Preview ‘The Rat Came Back’ This Weekend



Opera de Poche is set to present a preview video of Emily Anderson and Eva Fein’s “The Rat Came Back” on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

The opera tells the wild story of a cowboy, a shabby château, an American with more money than brains, a love triangle, and a rat that sings.

Per Anderson, “it was inspired by the true story of a large river rat who night after night invaded my sister’s kitchen, despite the frantic attempts of her husband to outwit him. Concrete, metal screen, trenches—nothing fazed him. He even at one point fashioned a tool out of tinfoil and sprang the door of a humane trap. He became something of a folk hero to admiring neighbors whose watchword each morning was ‘The rat came back!’
“In the opera version, the four characters entangle themselves in a Byzantine web of trickery, only to realize in the ensuing chaos that all they ever really wanted was each other. The basic theme, as in all my libretti, is this: Love one another. It’s pretty much all we have.”

The preview will take place via Zoom starting at 2 p.m. EDT with attendees getting an opportunity to speak with the artists and creators behind the work. Among those that will be involved with the preview are Lucie Mouscadet, Isabelle Fallot, Vincent Billier, Arnaud Le Dû, and Anne-Marie Podevin.

Opera de Poche was founded by Bernard Mouscadet and has performed at numerous unique venues over its 15-year history including industrial waste sites, seafood processing plants, and even 17th century cavalry stables. The company has also made several yearly tours to China.

For more information, click here.